Profit Wars
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Mac Whiteside's Debut Novel
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Book Synopsis

In 2020, Global Force Protection (GFP) is the most powerful professional military corporation on the planet. When Jake Thompson, VP at GFP, discovers an accounting irregularity he begins asking questions no one at GFP wants to answer. As a result of his curiosity his boss sends him to Romania, home of his murdered adopted daughter, to secure a contract with the Romanian government to quash a rebellion. There he learns of the connection between the leader of the Romanian rebellion, his company, and his dead wife and daughter. This knowledge will prove fatal to Jake unless he can establish a common thread uniting all parties involved.

In his thrilling debut novel, Profit Wars, Mac Whitesides examines the role rich and powerful corporations play in politics, society, and foreign policy. Although Profit Wars is about corporations and their potential malfeasance; at its core the story is about a man who has lost everything as he struggles to regain love, trust, and purpose in his life.

Mac Whitesides

Mac Whitesides lives in Marietta Georgia with his wife of 26 years and their dog, London. He is the proud father of 3 sons and a native of North Carolina.